Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last one for tonight I swear!!!

I totally left out that I have a precious cat named Heathcliff. He is a 14 year old tabby/persian (sp) mix. He is still so playful... but he snores when he sleeps. Basically I love him, Devin hates him. But that's just because he knows that Heathcliff rules this domain!!!! We also a few little kitties outside. They just show up and I HAVE to feed them! They're so darn cute! Right now our inhabitants include, Spike Lee, Mee-so, Momma kitty, Billy Mays and Michael. Ok. So maybe I AM the crazy cat lady. But I'm married, so it doesn't really count....

Told you I was new at this!

Can someone please direct me in the direction that I may find a prettier font that those listed in the little box on the post page???

Here we go...

So I am definite first time blogger. I had to have my friend Heather help me set this thing up... so please hang in there while I'm figuring all this stuff out.

A little about me. I am married to my best friend, Devin. We are two peas in a pod but are as different as oil and water. We're approaching our one year anniversary this October (any ideas on a cheap but fun anniversary excursion would be appreciated!) He is 25 and I'm 24 (an age difference that I promise to never let him forget.) He is the assistant band director at my old high school, which he did NOT attend. However, we did meet at band camp as instructors. Guess I'll never be able to escape music now! We live in Greeneville Tennessee. I love it here and could not imagine moving anywhere else. My family also lives here. I have an adorable niece (Devyn) and a super cute nephew (Jordan.) I adore them and wish I had more time for them. The older I get the quicker the time goes by. Family is very important to us and we hope to start one... someday. We would like to get all of our ducks in a row first... we have lots of ducks that are out of order.
God is a big part of my life. He needs to be bigger. I do not think that I will ever be worthy enough of his love. I have so much more to learn from him. Everyday is a learning experience and a challenge. I'm learning new ways to work through him yet am discovering that he always needs to be in control.
Speaking of control... I am a nanny... which I have no control. Three little boys consume my ever waking moment of my life right now. They are precious, stubborn and rotten, but I consider them my own. I also help teach baton at Greeneville High School with my oh so ever awesome friend Heather. Who created my blog. She can also still do a front walkover. Boo on her.
When I grow up I'd like to teach. The more I think about it I'd like to teach art. So I will one day get my masters in education. Then I'd like to go back to school to get another degree in child psychology. My ultimate goal is to be a professional student. Haha, jk. But seriously, I would love to be a stay at home mom and a wife forever.
Ok, enough of this post. Thanks for reading!